Cremation Memorials


After someone has been cremated there are a range of ways they can be memorialised within Castlebrook Memorial Park, a beautiful, secure and peaceful environment where cremated remains can be placed forever.

We are also a peaceful place where family members and descendants can come and reflect to celebrate the life of the relative or friend.

We offer a range of cremation memorial options, from rock gardens, gazebo, a traditional wall niche, chair memorials, rose gardens and ash containers. You can view examples of our cremation memorial options in the photo gallery below.

Whatever your choice, your Family Service Advisor will assist you in tailoring a memorial from our wide range of options to reflect the needs of each individual and family. 

Cremation Memorial Options

Ga Fuk Log Yuen

Ga Fuk Log Yuen

Multicultural Cremation Options

Looking for multicultural burial options? Please visit the pages below to find out more information or contact our dedicated team or contact our dedicated consultants on (02) 9269 0288.