Cremation Memorials

After someone has been cremated there are a range of ways they can be memorialised within Castlebrook Memorial Park, a beautiful, secure and peaceful environment where cremated remains can be placed forever.

Welcome to Mountview: A Space for Peaceful Reflection

Introducing Our Latest Park Development


Mountview: A blend of nature and design. We're proud to showcase our latest project, a peaceful space thoughtfully crafted for quiet reflection. The area features two elegant gazebos, set within beautifully landscaped cremation gardens, offering a calm setting for remembrance.

Central Attraction: The highlight of Mountview is a stunning water feature, with a centerpiece that symbolises love and memory. 

Experience Tranquility: Enter Mountview to discover a place where you can quietly reflect and remember loved ones. It's a serene environment designed to honor and cherish important memories. 


Hill of Peace Rockeries

Mountview Rockeries

Polished Granite Walls for 1

Polished Wall Garden for 2

Buddha Cremation Walls

Family Cremation Estates

Granite Circles for 2 or 4

Tablet for 1 or 2 people

Rose Gardens

These memorial options are available through many sections of the Park. This memorial type offers either a single or double memorial position.

Veterans Garden

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