About Us

Castlebrook Memorial Park, established in 1962, stands as a tranquil oasis sprawled across 180 acres of meticulously curated parkland in Rouse Hill. 

Here, families and friends gather to honour and celebrate loved ones amidst nature's embrace.

Offering both cremation and burial memorial options, Castlebrook is renowned as one of Sydney's most picturesque cemeteries. Its prime location is easily accessible by both car and public transport, complemented by extensive onsite parking. The serene expanses of Castlebrook mirror the natural beauty and lifestyle the area is celebrated for.

Memorial Choices & Professional Maintenance

Established over 50 years ago Castlebrook Memorial Park provides the perfect setting as the final resting place of your love one with its manicured lawns, beautifully tended flower gardens, shrubs and trees. The serenity and tranquil beauty of Castlebrook Memorial Park provides comfort for visitors who come to pay their respects.

Castlebrook caters for people of many religious, ethnic and heritage groups and we offer a wide range of options to commemorate and celebrate your loved one. All options are designed to reflect personal preferences, and are in keeping with cultural and religious requirements – all within a wide range of budgets.

Our Family Service Advisors are dedicated and professional who are onsite at your convenience to fully explain your options, including any requirements to pre-arrange your personalised memorial needs.

We are very proud of Castlebrook Memorial Park's appearance. Our full-time grounds staff work diligently to maintain our high standard of perpetual maintenance.

Family Connection

Having served The Hills District in Sydney for more than 50 years, almost every family will have a connection to us. We are also easily accessed, as we are conveniently located on Windsor Road, opposite Rouse Hill Town Centre. 

Our History

Castlebrook was commissioned in 1962 as Australian Memorial Park when a 180 acre property was converted into a non-sectarian, perpetual care memorial park.

The Chapel and Crematorium were commissioned in 1973.

A special Care Endowment Fund was set up to guarantee perpetual maintenance of the park as a place of beauty and seclusion and which enabled the engagement of renowned artists for the design of features, monuments and buildings.

A feature of the area is a monument to the infamous 1804 Vinegar Hill uprising, which occupies a unique place in the history of the settlement of Sydney.

On the 5 March 1804 a band of Irish convicts broke out of the Castle Hill Barracks the previous night with the intention of joining other rebel convicts and marching firstly on Parramatta and then onto Sydney to seize ships in the harbour and make their way to Ireland and freedom.

However, their plans were thwarted by the NSW Corp led by Major George Johnston and his soldiers who caught up with them and the ensuring battle saw 15 convicts killed and the others punished and returned to imprisonment.

The monument pictured below, known as the Vinegar Hill Battle which stands inside Castlebrook Memorial Park, was a Bicentennial project by Blacktown City Council and is part of the 200 year plus story depicting scenes from the beginning of European settlement.