Payment Methods

Losing a loved one can bring both emotional and financial challenges. Recognising that one can't always be prepared for such times, we offer several payment options.

Cooling off period

We understand that decisions during times of loss can be challenging. If you've chosen a memorial location and feel uncertain, please know that you have the option to terminate the agreement within ten days from the invoice date.

Should you decide to proceed with this, you'll receive a full refund.

Simply advise us in writing either by post or email, using the contact details provided below. Whatever you decide, we're here to support you.

Payment and termination

By paying this invoice, you agree to any associated terms and conditions that may apply to this transaction.

Instalment of payments to accelerate upon use of a memorial site

If a Memorial Location is Used, whether it is the Use of a single Memorial Location or the first Use of a Memorial Location designed for multiple Users (such as a garden-style Memorial, crypt or vault) before all instalments of the full price are paid, we will require that payment of the remaining instalments be accelerated so that payment of the full purchase price under this agreement is required within six months of that Use.

Memorials (unless already installed), plaques and inscriptions and Interments of future Users in the Memorial Location will only be provided, placed or installed when the entire contract price for all items (including, for example, for the Memorial Location and the memorial, plaque or placement of a third party plaque) are paid in full.

Failure to pay

We understand that circumstances can change and sometimes payments may be delayed. If a payment is missed, we will notify you in writing and give you 60 days to address the matter. Our hope is to work with you on adjusting payment terms if needed. However, if we can't come to a mutual agreement, we might need to request the immediate payment of the remaining balance. Please know that our intent is always to support and work with you during these times.