Filipino Memorials

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Memorial Options

Heritage Estate

Includes two single depth memorials and each estate is upgradable to double depth upon payment of upgrade fee.

Rock Estate

Rock Estate

This burial memorial can be arranged for as many people as needed and is headed by a beautiful granite garden displaying the family name on a bronze plaque. A choice of plants is available and each site will have a large bronze plaque placed on the grass.

Granite Circles

Granite Circle Polished Garden

Polished Granite Chair Estate

Cremation Individual Rockeries

Cremation Individual Rockeries

Individual cremation garden for two people which can be upgraded for more positions, finished with a brass plaque on a granite base.

Reflection Arbour

Reflection Arbour

Situation on a picturesque lawn, this memorial option includes a granite plaque surrounding a beautiful tree.

Lawn Burial

Burial Lawn Sites

A choice of bronze plaques which include emblems, photos and a verse to make it special for each family. The plaques are enhanced by a granite base which comes in a variety of colours.

Crypts of Divine Mercy

Crypt of Divine Mercy