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Personal and Cultural Selections

Memorialisation options are influenced by religious and cultural traditions, costs and personal preferences. These factors help determine whether the memorial will be elaborate or simple, include religious symbols and where in the memorial park it will be located.

We celebrate the ethnic diversity of our community by offering a wide variety of options to meet the special religious and cultural traditions of families. Whether your family wishes to observe longstanding traditions, create new rituals, or blend both together, our staff can help.

Our philosophy of personal funeral planning also means we can tailor any specific funeral arrangements for any family's needs.

Whether your family wishes to personalise a memorial in the Catholic, Protestant, Buddhist or Hindu traditions, add Armed Service symbols or create something truly personal, there are many choices available when it comes to a memorialisation.


Speak to your Family Service Advisor about your ideas for the personalisation of a memorial. Call us on (02) 9629 1477 or contact us online:

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