Rules & regulations


At Castlebrook Memorial Park we strive to maintain high standards of beauty, peace and tranquillity. The following Rules and Regulations (the “Rules”) are designed to support this objective as well as seeking to protect the safety of all those that visit and work in our park grounds.

1. Prohibited items

We may refuse, rectify or remove any ornamentation or changes to a Memorial or Site. For example, we will not allow and will remove items such as artificial flowers, statues, permanent wreaths or floral sprays, boxes, shells and toys and anything that we consider detracts from the beauty of the Facilities or is a safety hazard, or is in conflict with these Rules.

2. Use of our vases only

Only the vases we provide may be used in the Facilities. These may only be used in accordance with our instructions.

3. Markers

Only we can mark and define burial and/or cremation spaces throughout the Facilities. Any such markers must remain undisturbed unless removed by us.

4. Temporary markers

Where we provide a temporary marker it will be removed after 90 days.

5. Removal of flowers

For maintenance of the Facilities we may remove flowers on a regular basis. Maintenance schedule details are available from the office. We will not be held responsible for removal of flowers by members of the public.

6. Removal of trees

If any tree or shrub in the Facilities or on a Site becomes dangerous, detrimental, unsightly or annoying, we may remove it, or any part of it.

7. Landscape

Landscaping is our responsibility. We have complete discretion in relation to decisions on landscaping and any other building or structures in the Facilities. No person may plant, place or remove any grass, shrub, tree or any other structure without our prior consent.

8. Alterations

For reasons of beauty, maintenance and safety of the Facilities, we and only we may realign or alter the position of memorials, burial and/or cremation spaces (including lifting and levelling of plaques).

9. Access

We may drive, walk or otherwise travel across any part of the Facilities (including a Site) to enable burial or for any other reasonable purpose.

10. Events

From time to time we may allow cultural, religious or other events to be held in any area of the Facilities.

11. Removal of people from the facilities

Any person engaging in offensive, inappropriate or improper conduct may be removed from the Facilities.

12. Plants and animals

No one may gather or damage any plants or feed or disturb the birds, fish or other animal life.

13. Children

Children must be properly supervised at all times. Unaccompanied children are not permitted in the Facilities.

14. Entering the facilities

The Facilities may not be used as a thoroughfare.

15. Conditions on access

We reserve the right to impose conditions on the access to and use of the Facilities.

16. Safety

While we take all reasonable care for the safety of visitors to the Facilities and their belongings, it is the responsibility of those visitors to ensure their own safety and the protection of their possessions. We are not liable for personal injury, property damage or theft that occurs within the Facilities unless solely caused by the gross negligence or wilful misconduct of our employees or agents.

17. Images of the facilities

We can use for any lawful purpose any visual representations (such as photographs, drawings, film or video) of any portion of the Facilities.

18. Facilities development

We may at any time alter or change any feature (including plants), improvement or structure of the Facilities.

19. Changes to Rules and Regulations

In the interest of protecting our high standards of beauty, peace and tranquillity, these Rules may be subject to change.